The Psychological Benefits of Writing


When is the last time you wrote something? Really wrote something, putting pen to paper, and not just typing away an email or report on a computer or smartphone. If it’s been awhile, you might want to consider getting back into the practice writing has been linked with a number of benefits for both body and mind. Read through the list for some ways to write your way to a better you

List of amazing benefits

  • You will communicate with clarity
  • Writing by hand can help you learn better
  • Better Communication
  • Writing makes you happier
  • Writing as leadership at scale

Writing in your own words the information that you receive helps you assimilating and consolidating knowledge that otherwise you would forget soon.

Some extra benefit of writing

  • You will make better decisions
  • Expressing emotions through words may speed healing
  • Writing Leads to More Writing
  • Writing keeps you sharp with age

The benefits of writing are abundant more abundant than a simple blog post could fully explain. However, the benefits above already far outweigh the effort it takes to jot down your thoughts.


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