All Facts And things You Need To Know About Universe


As You we are very very small as compare to universe so today we will know about our universe. The universe is comprised of totality of everything that exists including planets, stars and galaxy.

In Scientific language the study of the universe is known as the term of Cosmology. in the study of cosmology you study origin of planets, stars and other universal things from the starting of big bang from were the universe came to exists. We will discuss about it below in details.

What Is Big Bang Theory ?

The big bang theory is major evolution theory after that human came to know that universe came into the existence. The big bang theory is proposed by Georges Lemaitre.

The big bang was the explosion of a small dot that happen in 13.8 billion year ago. the explosion leads to the formation of galaxies of stars and other heavenly bodies.



A galaxy is vast system of billions of stars held together by the force of gravity. the stars and planets are balanced in universe because of gravity.

Early humans think that universe limits to one galaxy were we stay but in 1924 Edwin Hubble first demonstrated existence of galaxies beyond Milky Way galaxy were we stay so our planet earth isin the milky way galaxy.

The galaxies are found i three forms : Spiral, Elliptical and Irregular.

The solar system located in the milky way galaxy is is spiral in shape. where 8 planets are the 3rd one is our planet it is called earth and also known as blue planet.


Stare emits there own light that is why the called luminous. and they are very hot and very large in size. and all stars are held together with the force of gravity which is its own gravity force.

Sirius A is the brightest star in our sky that we can see by our naked eye. Light takes about 4.3 years to reach Earth from the next nearest star Proxima Centauri.

So that was all about our Universe, Galaxy and stars hope this knowledge will help you in your future and hope you will share it with your friends and family we will meet soon in our next awesome post.

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