Earth And Its Movement And Position In Universe

Earth is the most explored planet in the universe because we all live in it s can easily access it know about it we study different aspects of earth like its moments position with regards to sun and moon; division of earth into longitude and latitude.

The Earths Movement: Rotation And Revolution

The earth rotate in space in two distinct ways that is Earth’s Rotation and Earth’s Revolution.

Rotation, Revolution and Earth’s Axis

Its Rotate in its own axis from west to east once in every 24 hour. This rotation Cause Day and night on earth.

It revolves around the sun in a orbit once in a 365 days and 6 hours. This Revolution is the main Cause of different season on earth.

Earth tilted on its axis at 23 and half degree angle from a line perpendicular to elliptic plane.

Earth Position With Respect To Sun and Moon

With Respect to moon:

Apogee the point of the farthest distance between the moon and the earth is called Apogee.

Perigee The point of the nearest distance between the moon and the earth is called perigee.

With respect to Sun:

Perihelion The point of the nearest distance between the earth and the sun is Perihelion. it happen on 3rd January and the distance is 147 million km.

Aphelion The point of the farthest distance between the earth and the sun is aphelion. It happen on 4th July and distance is 152 million km.


An eclipses is an event in which a celestial body is concealed by shadow of another celestial body for example when earth and the moon passes through a shadow of another heavenly body.

Generally, there are two types of eclipses- Solar and Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse: Occurs when the Earth comes between the sun and moon and shadow of earth falls on moon. it occurs only on a full moon day.

Solar Eclipse Occurs when the Moon comes between sun and the earth and the shadow of moon fully or partially blocks the sun. It occurs on a new moon day.

Equinox ans Solstice

An Equinox is an event when day and night are equal.

A solstice is an event when there is longest day or night either in northern or southern hemishphere.

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