Facts And Features Of Planets Of Solar System

Planets Of Solar System

As you all know we have eight planets in our solar system and there name mercuryvenus earthmarsjupiterseturnuranus and naptune if you don’t about this things don’t we have written article in it The Story Of Our Solar System – Origin, Planets & The Sun do read it and then come here or you can start from here we will talk about all of each planet one by one so lets get started here.

Mercury – The Planet Which Is Nearest To The Sun

It is the first planet of our solar system it is smallest and innermost planet to the sun in our solar system. it has fastest revolution in our solar system because of being so closest to the sun.

Venus – The Evening and Morning Star

It is the second planet planet from the sun and also known as “Evening and Morning Star Of The Sun”. it rotates from east to west unlike the other plants. It has almost equal rotation and revolution time also, it is the hottest and brightest plants in the our solar system. it is very similar to the earth in size, density and mass and it is also called earth’s twin.

Earth – The Blue Planet

We all know about earth because we live in it. it is the only planet which is considered suitiable for living. Apart from earth it is also called blue planet because of water present in it. it is the third planet from the sun and it is densest of all other planet its shape is like oblate sphere shape. earth rotates in it own place from west to east once in a 24 Hour. It completes revolution of sun in almost 365 Days and 6 hours. earth has only one natural satellite called as moon.

Mars – The Red Planet

It complete its own rotation in almost 24 hour equal to the earth. it is also called as Red planet because of its surface color. Phobos and Deimos are two natural satellites of mars which rotate mars in there own axis. mars is suitable planet for living after earth.

Jupiter – The Giant Planet Of Solar System

It is the largest planet of solar system. Jupiter is the only planet in our solar system which has the largest no of natural satellites. according to the recent research it has 79 known moon or natural satellites it is the first planet which is according to the classification of planets Outer planet from the sun. it has fastest rotational velocity in our solar system.

Saturn – Second Largest Planet In Our Solar System

It is the second largest Planet of our solar system. it is surrounded by a set of eight rings. it has the least density of all planets. it has 62 Natural satellites and the largest and popular one in Titan.

Uranus – The Green Planet

It is the second last planet of our solar system. It is also known as the “green planet” because of presence of methane. it is unique planet unlike the sense of other planet which spin on there planet from west to east or west to east it spin north to south. it is surrounded by faint ring and it has 27 natural satellites.

Neptune – The Last Planet Of Our Solar System

It is the farthest planet in our solar system and eighth from the sun. Also it is the coldest planet in solar system. It has 5 faint rings and appear as greenish star. It has 14 natural satellites and most Prominent are triton and nereid. it has th slowest revolution in solar system.

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