The Story Of Our Solar System – Origin, Planets & The Sun

The Solar system is all about the sun, planets and there satellites, our solar system has eight planets and one sun genteelly solar system has only one planet but universe is so big exception can be exists. and the solar system is not about only these 3 bodies its much more heavenly bodies are present in our solar system like asteroids, comets and meteoroids they are known as interstellar debris.

The Heliocentric mode of our solar system first presented by Nicolaus Copennicus. Sun is the center of our solar system all planets move around the sun in there axis including our planet earth. All natural bodies outside the earth called as celestial body like moon, sun, ther planets etc.

The Sun – The Boss Of solar System

The boss or you can say sun has the 99% of the mass of the solar system now you can imagine how big can b it is and why i said boss. and u still not satisfied so so read this fact the sun is 1300000 times more bigger than earth in terms of volume. The sun is the major source of the energy of the solar system and source of energy of sun is nuclear Fusion. the sunlight takes 8 minutes and 16.6 seconds to reach the earth.

The great round burning body of sun is made up of 3 layers or it can be divided into 3 layers those are Photosphere, Choromosphere and Corona. the time taken by sun to complete one orbit around the galactic circle is called cosmic year. cosmic year is generally of 224 million year. one more fact about sun is Heliscope is used to view or observe the sun.

The Planets Of Our Solar System

Planets are the huge bigger bodies which continuously revolve around the sun on there own axis or path. there are eight planets in our solar system according to there distance from the sun they are arrange as mercury, venus , earth, mars, jupiter, seturn, uranus and naptune. one more planet was founded by scientist is Ploto but now it is not counted as planet because it not satisfy the definition of planet or we can say in simple language it dos’t behave like planet.

Planets can be classified as inner or terrestrial planets and outer or jovian planets. inner planets are including mercury, venus, earth and mars. Outer planets are Jupiter, saturn, uranus and naptune.

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